Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cruise Holiday Tips For Your Christmas New Year Vacation

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Cruise Ahoy !

With the Christmas and New Year festive period upon us, it also the time for many to take a break and have a well earned holiday.  And top amongst vacation plans for many is a cruise holiday!

With the stressful and busy lives that many of us lead these days, it is not surprising that cruise holidays are the fastest growing section of the travel industry. After all, the ticket price is typically inclusive of ALMOST everything – notable exceptions include alcohol, spa treatments, professional photos, guided on-shore tours, etc.

The First Time Cruiser

Have you booked your first ever cruise holiday during the festive and new year holidays?

Are you feeling just a tad uncertain about how to make sure that your cruise holiday is smooth sailing (pardon the pun!) ?

If yes, then here are some quick tips to help you have an enjoyable and stress free cruise holiday.

Getting ready for theme parties

All cruise ships will have a few theme nights – e.g. Mexican, Caribbean, Bath Robe, Formal black tie, etc. – in the itinerary. These parties are always a blast when you are dressed appropriately as it helps to make you feel more involved.

So do give the cruise line a call to find out what are the themes beforehand so you can prepare your costume. Theme nights are always great fun and even more so when you dress up in costume. You will be pleasantly amazed as to how much effort some seasoned cruisers go into their custom-made outfits!


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