Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting a Driver’s License in Melbourne

As Melbourne is a large expansive city, you will soon find that getting around with just public transport is extremely limiting. Moreover, as taxis and delivery services are VERY expensive, having a car to transport groceries, small furniture, etc is very handy.

If you don’t have one already, the first step is to get a Driver’s License!

In order to drive a car in Melbourne, you will need a valid driver’s license which is issued by Vicroads.

As a newcomer to Melbourne with an existing license, you will probably fall into one of the following categories:

  • Hold an interstate or NZ license
    • If it is a current license or has expired less than 5 years, you don’t need to take a test! Just show your current license, prove your identity and Vicroads will send you a local one.
  • Overseas license
    • This is a bit more complicated and depends on several factors
    • If you are on a temporary visa, you don’t need to get a local one provided it is in English
    • If you are on a permanent visa, you will need to get a local license 6 months after you enter the country or 6 months after you get a permanent visa – whichever is more recent
    • If you have a license from a country on the Vicroads recognised list – includes USA, UK, Singapore, etc – you don’t need to take a test to get a local license. Note that the list does NOT include many popular immigrant countries like China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Phillipines, Korea, South Africa, Sudan, etc.
    • If you find that you DO need to take a license test, it comprises of:
      • Road knowledge test
      • Hazard perception test
      • Eyesight test, and
      • Practical driving test

If you don’t currently hold an interstate or overseas driver’s license, you will need to go through the same process to get a license as with local Melbournians. That is …

  • Apply for a Leaner’s Permit (if you are above 16 years old) and start learning ! – either with licensed instructors or friend/family with a full license.
  • Pass your test and get your Provisional driver’s license! There are quite a few restrictions during the provisional period of 3 or 4 years – like the car that you can drive, zero alcohol, passenger restrictions, etc. Not to mention you must display big P plates.
  • If after provisional period and you haven’t got your license busted, your license automatically be converted to a FULL license
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