Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Melbourne Day !

Today Aug 30 marks Melbourne's 178th birthday !!

To celebrate the occasion, the Melbourne council has organised festivities and events all week long. They've even spent big on a Channel 7 TV ad ! (I can't quite seem to embed the YouTube video here, but here's the link)

Also, the official celebration website is here ...
So head down to Melbourne City and enjoy the history and buzz !

Finally for you history buffs ... Who founded Melbourne ??

The answer is ... No one really knows !!!!

Hahaha. Not quite true though. History acknowledges that it was one of two men - John Batman or John Pascoe Fawkner. Back then, the two Johns were bitter rivals and both men believed they were the real founder of Melbourne. And to this day no one know for sure.

But to be safe, the city has recognised both men and their names are spread all over Melbourne in street/road names, parks, buildings, etc. ;-)

There you go .. you  are just a little bit smarter today thanks to this blog.


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