Thursday, January 23, 2014

Melbourne property is fast growing yet affordable !

Great news if you have invested in Melbourne real estate ! Despite the naysayers, Melbourne real estate has continued to grow from strength to strength. 

According to an article from credit ratings agency Fitch, Australian house prices have grown faster than those in any other major economy and are forecast to outstrip even countries recovering from the GFC in 2014. Australian house prices have more than tripled since 1997, accelerating past other countries as the crisis bit in 2009.

As a long term property investor myself, I personally feel that there is much more growth to be appreciated as the real estate market evolves to a higher density environment. It definitely is not too late to grab your slice of the pie. 

Are you an overseas or interstate investor looking to buy property in Melbourne ? What do you think about the prospects of the Melbourne real estate market ?


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