Thursday, September 29, 2011

Myer Melbourne awarded World’s Best New Department Store!

Congrats to the recently renovated Myer Melbourne winning the Store Design of the Year award! It is a proud achievement indeed as it’s the first time an Australian retailer has won a World Retail award.

Personally, I think Myer Melbourne deserves all the plaudits it is getting. The exterior is classic art deco with the interior feeling very classy and spacious. And the renovations are not even fully complete yet!

I love shopping there with its 6 floors (plus a basement) of different themes. It also has 2 cafes – including the brilliant Brunetti’s with their famous Italian cakes / pastry – and a posh champagne bar to take a break from shopping.
Also interesting is the “Galerie de Parfum” showcasing the world's most coveted, rare and original fragrances. This includes Australia’s most expensive perfume Amouage at $400 a bottle – drawing its fragrance from the rarest rose in the world harvested from the mountains of Oman – which was founded by the Sultan of Oman to be offered as a gift to his guests.


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