Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Royal Melbourne Show 2011 Opens Today !

The Royal Melbourne Show is a great family event that will entertain people of all ages and not to be missed by anyone new to Melbourne. It provides a fascinating insight to the history and culture of a major traditional industry of Australia.

Starting in 1848, this was originally an agricultural show where farmers gathered in Melbourne from all over Victoria to display their best livestock, goods and produce. There was also all manner of competitions and awards from farm animal contests to wood chopping. 

Since then, the event has gone from strength to strength and is now an annual event (held in September) attended by hundreds of thousands of Melbournians (and international/interstate visitors) over 11 days and nights.

Here are some of the key things that I love so much about the show:

  • The amazing best-of-the-best farm animals on show. You can walk around the stable, chat with the owners and get real up close
  • Various farm animal contests like dog obedience competitions, horse racing, etc.
  • Witnessing the miracle of birth – the farmers bring along pregnant pigs, sheep, etc to share this amazing experience with city-folk like me
  • Kids animal section where children can mingle among baby animals and touch / feel
  • The Showbags – over 300 different bags of lollies, toys, stationary, body products, etc costing from $1 to $240! Most popular are the children’s bags of course like Sesame Street, Hot Wheels, Star Wars, Spiderman, etc. My personal favourite is the Manchester United showbag that includes a gym bag, ball, pump, water bottle, keychain, etc.
  • Rides – I am personally not a big fan but there are a plethora of thrilling carnival rides that are unsurprisingly wildly popular
  • And many more!

A truly unique Melbourne experience not to be missed!


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